Hello! I’m Jing Zhang,

an interdisciplinary designer, focusing on design research, design strategy and product conceptualization.

all work and all play

In the first 15 years in my life I lived in a small town in Inner Mongolia, in North China. Because my hometown is so near to Russia and Mongolia, I understood the idea of “international” since I was very young. Even though the image was very blurry, I knew that there must be a much bigger world outside for me to explore. I left home for a better education when I was 15. I wasn’t afraid of the strange world, because I knew so few of it. But I knew it was my start of a long trip to explore more, experience more and learn more.

I started my study of Polymer Material Technique at Tianjin University in China, because I was convinced by my father that plastic will be an essential item in our life. I’ve been thankful of the accurate insights of my father, and I’ve benefited a lot from this 4-years study. From early on I have been very interested in how the technologies would be used more effectively in our everyday life, and how human beings are affected by the objects around us. After my study of polymer material, I decide to start to explore DESIGN.

Since I already had some engineering background I started with the Industrial Design master program at Tianjin University. During the very technical project where we worked on crane machine, I figured out that I am analytically very strong, so I’m very good at problem solving and understanding potentials. To improve this ability I came to Cologne for the Integrated Design study at Koeln International School of Design (KISD), an institute of Cologne University of Applied Sciences (FH Köln). Through the study and practical projects there I could not only get in touch with a broad spectrum of design disciplines, but also gain a deep insight into scientific experimentation, methodologies and how I should apply it on any complex topics.

Near the end of my study I also went to Fukuoka, Japan for a five-months Design Strategy exchange program. That experience gave me an even better understanding of design in a hybrid cultural context.

Nowadays I work as a part-time designer at tapetenstudio.de and as a freelance designer for various clients and agencies, e.g. Huawei, Casic etc.

Below you can see an overview of my experience and education.



2008 – 2013 Integrated Design (Bachelor) at Köln International School of Design
Cologne, Germany
Apr – Sep 2012 Design Strategy (Exchange program) at Kyushu University
Fukuoka, Japan
2005 – 2007 Industrial Design (Master) at Tianjin University
Tianjin, China
2001 – 2005 Polymer Material Engineering (Bachelor) at Tianjin University
Tianjin, China


Professional experience

>Nov 2013 User-experience researcher
Huawei Tech. Co., Ltd (Hamburg & Frankfurt, Germany)
2010 – present Graphic designer
tapetenstudio.de (Cologne, Germany)
2008 – present Freelance designer for various clients and agencies
2009 – present Calligraphy and Chinese teacher
Academy Zhong (Cologne, Germany)
2008 – 2011 Communication designer
Chinese Students Unit Cologne (Cologne, Germany)



July 2013 KISDdesignshow 2013: ‘Poetry—romantic furniture based on hybrid culture’
Design Quartier, Cologne, Germany
January 2012 Art & Design Fest PASSAGEN 2012: Wallpaper exhibition “AUF DER ZWEITEN BLICK” (on second sight)
Cooperated with Tapetenstudio.de, Cologne, Germany
July 2011 Herongen Herbstordertagen Garten exhibition: ‘Living with Heather: Heather bee hive‘
Cooperated with Sondergruppe Azerca im Zentralverband —Gartenbau e.V (Herongen, Germany)



Sep – Oct 2012 E-bike design concept for a developing country
cooperated with Tongji University (同济大学) Shanghai, China
April – July 2012 Handicrafts and design in different cultures workshop
Kyushu University (九州大学), Fukuoka, Japan
March – July 2011 IKEA Education: Bio-plastic material research. Green Corner showroom concept submitted to IKEA’s ‘Never Ending List’
Cologne, Germany
October 2010 Capturing – Transcripting – Picturing, Talent for writing, completed drawing workshop
Cologne, Germany — La Mer, France
October 2008 Teamwork and project management
Cologne, Germany