E-bike sound strategy

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In this project I worked in a team of students from Koeln International School of Design and Tongji University. The purpose of this project was to improve electronic vehicles making them more suitable for usage in China. The usage and perception of electronic vehicles is very different in China compared to Germany — in Germany they are often luxurious and fancy transportation vehicles, but in China they’re used for primarily practical purposes; and they’re good value for the money. The research and field work we did, helped us to get a deeper and objective understanding of the local traffic conditions and vehicle usage.
Based on the research we did, we designed a warning system which uses audio, lights, vibrations and a digital display to transfer information to the user of the vehicle and to other people as well. This system would then warn the user if the cargo is too heavy, missing or when the driver is breaking. To improve the user experience, drivers can customize the grip strength related to the breaking strength; the vehicle’s breaking audio level also depends on the breaking strength. So in case of an emergency break, surrounding people will also be warned.

  • Date: 2012
  • Filed under: Design Strategy