Hybrid Design

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 — function & emotion

research thesis
3 month, 2013
supervisor: Prof. Günter Horntrich

My research paper ‘Hybrid’ itself is a hybrid of ‘multi-functionality’ and ‘bastard design’. While one part focuses on the function of objects, the other focuses on design on an emotional level.

In the first part the multi-functional designs are catalogued into five groups: Stacking, bonding, folding, installation and intangibility. The concept of ‘Eierlegende Wollmilchsau’ is discussed here to question the appropriateness of multi-functionality’.
Beside functionality, hybrids on an emotional level are also discussed. The word ‘bastard’ is used in the context to distinguish such hybrid objects which are unusual, mysterious … and all in all with the dark beauty.

Just like Baudrillard in the book ‘the system of objects’ says: “Every object thus has two functions — to be put to use and to be possessed.”

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