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teamwork with Katharina Leistenschneider and Nadine Wessler

Matterrest, all for a big sleep.

Sleep would be a very important topic for all the human beings, just think about that we spend about one third of our lifetime in SLEEP! It’s a time for us to recharge. After a whole day of working, all someone wants is just a sweet deep sleep. No more work, no more annoyance, warmness, comfort…

After research of physiological and psychological factors of sleep, we focus on the moment/step of getting into bed — from day work to night sleep, from reality to dream.

Matterrest is made from cottons, and its form looks like a big soft cloud. When you step on it with barefoot, its fine structure will give you a warm soft foot massage. Get rid of all the tiredness and worries with Matterrest, and have a nice sleep!

  • Date: 2009
  • Filed under: Product Design